Whether in the context of residential or commercial property, the timing of purchases and sales can be crucial. At the Law Office of Martin Liberman, we focus on the needs of our clients to ensure a smooth process. Our experienced staff provides responsive and thorough solutions in all types of real estate transactions, big or small.

We’ll take the necessary steps to ensure your transaction is handled smoothly and efficiently:

  • Review contract and resolve Attorney Review
  • Order and review title search and pinpoint any issues needing resolution
  • Negotiate inspection issues
  • Assist with any mortgage questions/concerns
  • Order survey and review
  • Arrange for and/or conduct the closing


Whether you’re refinancing because you’ve obtained a more favorable interest rate or you’re taking equity out of your home, we can help. We’ll take the following steps to ensure you get what you’re entitled to:

  • Review loan commitment
  • Order title search
  • Prepare transaction for closing
  • Submit closing package to new lender
  • Ensure compliance of lender’s title requirements
  • Prepare closing statements
  • Conduct closing
  • Make all disbursements on your behalf
  • Ensure previous mortgage is cancelled properly
  • Most of all – provide sound legal advice every step of the way

Contact us today to get you the help you need.